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"i wish i had a british accent"

ah yes, the british accentimage

the singular british accent

All right bitch there were like a bajillion comments on a video of Matt Smith’s “American accent” and not one of them was to giving complain about how America is a diverse nation with hundreds of dialects but nobody will shut up about all the dialectical differences in English speech and you know what? You know fuckin what?? England is the size of a sTATE

Which state. 

You know what, grumpy gills? 

Matt Smith spoke with what drama teachers call a ‘Non-specific American accent’. Very commonly used by a lot of actors for non-specific American speaking roles. Not everyone in a particular area speaks with the same accent or dialect of that particular region anyway. 

More to the point, people saying that they ‘like the British accent’ is probably saying that they like the ‘non-specific British accent’ that most actors are taught to use when they go to drama school. The people defending themselves are simply saying that there are more accents and dialects than just that one. 

Your point about Matt Smith was a little bit irrelevant to the context of the original post. 

Also, it is very rare on Tumblr to see a post of, say, Jensen Ackles, and underneath someone commenting, ‘I wish I had an American accent’. 

So, yeah. And Benedict and Tom speak with a generalised English accent. Because England and Britain are different, because of the Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents. For example, the difference between the Welsh and Scottish accent is like the difference between a typical New Yorker accent and a Texan. 

Ok, end of rant. Just fed up of angry comments saying ridiculous things on simple posts.

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if a girl is angry about something and you blame it on her period, you deserve a high five

with a car

You’re on your period right?

I am a 17 year old boy

i love how you felt the need to add your age there

Everyone knows that boys don’t get their periods
until they’re 20 at least


I was expecting something bloody but this is so much better

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In the post you’re about to make, replace cis/white/hetero/male people with the Jews and if the result sounds like something that could be straight out of Mein Kampf, you should probably reconsider your social justice blogging habits.

bless this freaking post

straight out of mein kampf


^This goes for pretty much every demographic in the world.

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